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Have you been trying to lose weight and just aren't seeing the results you want? Here at The Doctor's In, we offer medically-assisted weight management to help you become the healthiest, best version of yourself!


What type of medication is used?

Medication is prescribed based upon individual tolerance and treatment plans as appropriate. We use phentermine, a pseudo-stimulant, for appetite suppression and making you feel full for longer. Topamax is an alternative medication that may also be prescribed.

Is it effective?

We have seen patients with tremendously successful weight loss journeys - however, these are also the patients who make major lifestyle changes in combination with medication. Phentermine is not a "magic weight loss pill!" The most successful patients incorporate exercise and diet modifications to achieve their goals. 

How long do I take medication for?

Although this is a decision made between you and your provider, patients can stay on this medication for an extended period of time. Many patients choose to stay on a maintenance dose once they have reached their goal weight. 

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What is the price for the program?

The weight management program is an out-of-pocket fee that is not processed through insurance. You may be able to be reimbursed by your insurance company. The new patient office visit is $350 and includes lab work, urine drug screen, EKG, and a consultation with your provider to establish a weight loss plan. Each monthly follow-up visit is $50. Prescription costs vary by pharmacy. We work closely with Beach Pharmacy to offer competitive prescription pricing.

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