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Please review our updated office policies prior to your first appointment. We have made updates to our protocols in the last several months. 


We ask that you call ahead and schedule an appointment for routine visits, including follow-ups and acute issues. Scheduled appointments are REQUIRED for weight management visits, medication refills, and lab consults/physicals. Due to the length and involvement of these appointments, we cannot accept walk-ins for these types of visits. If you would prefer to be seen by a specific provider, please call ahead and schedule an appointment. Walk-in patients will be seen by whichever provider is available at that time. 

Walk-in appointments are available for urgent care issues, with Saturday's strictly dedicated to urgent care appointments. We encourage you to call the front desk with any scheduling questions or concerns. 

We are continuing to offer telehealth visits due to ongoing COVID-19, as appropriate. Please be aware that not all appointments can be substituted for a telehealth visit. Please contact the front desk for additional questions or to schedule. 

Any patient wishing to become established with us as a primary care patient must first complete the new patient questionnaire available on the CONTACT page. ​Please obtain the past 12 months of your medical records if you are establishing as a primary care patient.

No-show fees will now be applied to all missed appointments not cancelled within 12 hours of the scheduled time. A $25 no-show fee will be applied to your account and must be paid prior to being seen. A $15 no-show fee will be applied to missed weight management appointments. 

Please contact your pharmacy for medication refills. Refill requests will be responded to within 72 hours of receipt.


Although Dr. Werwath and our other providers are more than happy to function as your primary care provider, we are required to bill under the specialty copay due to Dr. Werwath's certification. 

Copays are due at the time of service. 

Any patient with an outstanding balance of over $100 must pay at least 50% prior to being seen.


We do not tolerate any type of aggressive or threatening behavior towards office staff. If multiple episodes of abrasive or argumentative behavior occur either in person or via phone, a discharge letter will be mailed to your address on file. 

Multiple no-show appointments are grounds for discharge. We may continue to see you for urgent care matters at our discretion. 

Please see the CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES POLICY page for details on controlled medications. 

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