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Opening Hours:

8am – 5pm

8am – 5pm

8am – 11am

8am – 5pm

8am – 5pm

8am – 12pm










for adults of all ages

Closed daily for lunch 12pm-1:30pm

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Our Services:
  • Primary Care

  • Urgent Care

  • School and Work Physicals

  • Minor Procedures

  • Medical Weight Management

  • Laser Hair Reduction

  • Testosterone Replacement Therapy 

  • Cosmetic Botox & Fillers

  • And more... 

Established Patients

New Patient?

As of 7/1/2023, we are no longer able to accept ANY Virginia Premier or Optima insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid replacements. Additionally, we are unable to accept any Medicare Advantage plans. We apologize for the inconvenience but are happy to continuing seeing any affected patients for self-insured visits. Contact the office with further questions.

We highly advise calling to verify daily hours!

Please note: As of 9/12/22, any balance older than 90 days must be paid upon prior to being seen for visits. Balances under $100 must be paid in full; balances over $100 require minimum 50% payment. Balances older than 90 days will be sent to collections. Please call our office, send a check in the mail, or visit our office in person to pay any balances. At this time we are not able to accept any payments online. We appreciate your understanding.

Self-pay visit costs increased as of February 1, 2024

The base rate for self-insured patients will be increasing from $110 to $115 as of 2/1/24 due to the rising cost of supplies. We appreciate your understanding in this matter!

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